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Simple guide on how to postpone bread baking  

Bread baking can take quite a lot of time. It is sometimes challenging to plan it well in a busy day schedule. This inspired my to research how to postpone bread making. My research is based on and Below you will find a summary of most common ways of postponing bread baking: refrigerating or… Continue reading Simple guide on how to postpone bread baking  

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Bread machine strawberry jam

One can prepare jam using pectin or lemon juice. My next experiment was to see myself what is the difference. Strawberry jam seemed like a good one to try it on as I have made quite a few jars of it while using pectin. First of all, some research: – to sump up pectin is… Continue reading Bread machine strawberry jam

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Active yeast vs. instant yeast

While shopping for yeast one can find at least two different options: rapid raise instant yeast and active yeast. As a beginner baker I was curious to understand what was the difference. So, I researched and experimented a bit. So, according to RapidRise Yeast Also known as instant yeast Saves time – only requires… Continue reading Active yeast vs. instant yeast

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Bread machine tips – ingredients

Baking bread in bread machine is simple and complicated at the same time. Using ingredients in a correct way is vital. It takes time to find correct way to prepare  your dough. I am still learning how to do it correctly. Thus, today I would like to share some tips on using ingredients in a correct way:… Continue reading Bread machine tips – ingredients