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Crispy pan fried breaded tilapia

My bread machine is working hard! Thus, one thing that we have plenty of is bread. And it does goes stale quite quick. I have written before that I freeze bread and use it in different kind of recipes. As written before, one more way to use stale bread is to make bread crumbs (… Continue reading Crispy pan fried breaded tilapia

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Blueberry jam and cottage cheese rolls

I was eager to bake something sweet and use up blueberry jam that I made a while ago. Thus, sweet rolls came to my mind. My inspiration was cinnamon rolls, well the dough to be more precise. The filling – blueberries and cottage cheese – was something that I had in fridge and was really… Continue reading Blueberry jam and cottage cheese rolls

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Simple spinach and feta bread 

Bread and all its variations, so many recipes to be baked and tried! This time I baked a simple yet extremely delicious bread with spinach and feta. These ingredients are timeless I would say and scream for success. Thus, once more very simple recipe. Ingredients: 3 ½ cups of all-purpose flour 1 cup of warm… Continue reading Simple spinach and feta bread 

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Creative and tasty way to use stale bread 

Nothing can be easier than turning stale bread into delicious gourmet croutons for soup and salad toppings. Besides that there are many more ways in using and reusing stale bread. So, before you through away stale and old bread consider this bacon, egg and bread bake. The recipe is very easy and requires only 4 ingredients. For… Continue reading Creative and tasty way to use stale bread 

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What is the best bread machine/maker?

My bread machine is barely holding on with all this baking that I am doing lately. Thus, I have started to look for a new and maybe more professional one. I did some research online and really like this summary: The website says 4 key components to consider before buying bread machine are power, setting,… Continue reading What is the best bread machine/maker?